CogX – The festival of all things AI

CogX 2018,cogxlogo the “festival of all things AI”, drew over 6000 attendees and 300 speakers from across technology industries and expertise, ranging from company CEOs to early career research students. Included in this attendees was one of our resident data scientists, as well as many students from the University of Warwick doctoral training centres in Complexity Science and Mathematics of Real World Systems – the very PhD schemes that have given rise to many members of Spectra, as well as being the birthplace of our company itself.

CogX Robot

Companies big and small exhibited content. The expo part of the conference contained a startup village showcasing a variety of new companies in AI and robotics. Larger companies also exhibited content, such as Microsoft Azure and data analysis platforms being used to recommend people their perfect juice (unfortunately including beetroot). Tesla were also showing off their famed car. Google, IBM, and BT each hosted pavilions to demonstrate their latest technologies. Newer dedicated data companies such as Pivigo, Seldon, and were also showing off their various data-focused product platforms.

Seldon was also one of the many companies giving talks throughout the conference. Seldon, Nvidia, and others spoke of the various infrastructures they’ve developed, including data source and optimised software made available to push forward deep learning research in the case of Nvidia. The Financial Times hosted a stage all of their own. Representatives from many companies and academia were involved in many talks and discussions, including AI specific ones such as BenevolentAI and the Open Data Institute, and broader ones such as Deutsche Bank and the Financial Conduct Authority. Government representatives, such as Matt Hancock the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, were in attendance. The Turing Institute were also hosting research specific talks, including that of Warwick Complexity alumni Merve Alanyali.

The content of talks were wide ranging, but largely focused on the impact of AI and the broad issues in the future of AI. Ones of particular interest included discussions on the impact AI will have on the economy, mostly on the impact of automation on employment and whether we may be able to achieve a dream future where AI take on the mundane jobs and humans are left with loftier goals. There CogX 2018 Talkwere also discussions on fake news, the many different kinds and motivations that exist, and how organisations such as Full Fact are attempting to combat it. Finally, there was a great deal of talk on the use of AI in seeking a cure for cancer, and in extending life, concluding that complex treatments for complex diseases need machine learning to draw on a wealth of information, as the expertise of a single doctor can only go so far.

If nothing else, this event very effectively showcased the excitement, interest, and range of talent currently in AI. AI, machine learning, and data science are constantly developing tool sets that can give immense utility to any and all businesses. To begin taking advantage yourself, contact Spectra Analytics for a free consultation to see how we can apply our cutting edge data science and business intelligence techniques to help you grow your business.