RSA 2020, Chris Crowther

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While attendance at the 2020 RSA Conference might have been down; the quality of the sessions and the opportunities to meet amazing people was undiminished. With a reported 36,000 attendees, 704 speakers and 658 exhibitors, RSA 2020 maintained its position as a world leading cyber convention. No small feat given the Covid-19 pandemic that led to the last minute withdrawal of such big names as IBM, AT&T and Verizon.

For a complete catalogue of the key sessions visit the RSA Conference Youtube Channel. In the meantime, here is a small selection of the sessions that got the Spectra team excited – now is a good time to reflect on these predictions as we all consider and prepare for a post-Covid-19 world., an AI-Powered Privacy Ops company that helps automate all major functions needed for privacy compliance, son of the Innovation Sandbox competition. Since the start of the contest 15 years ago, the top 10 finalists have collectively seen 56 acquisitions and received $6.2 billion in financing. Such is the quality of the competition and the growth of AI / ML and automation in cyber security.

In his keynote, Reality Check: The Story of Cybersecurity, the president of RSA was clear that humans will always matter in cybersecurity despite technologies continued advance. However, he urged that the narrative needs to move towards cyber-resilience. Cyber- and Operational Resilience and Impact Tolerance is a service that Spectra Analytics has been offering for some time. It is good to see that the world is awakening to this key development in thinking.

The Cryptographers’ Panel explored the pressing issues facing the industry today. The discussion points included GDPR and CCPA, the ethical uses of AI, democracy-election security and the rise of blockchain.

Hacking Exposed: Global Threat Brief explored the most novel attacks in the current global threat landscape, diving into specific, real-time examples of threat actor activity from both nation-states and criminal groups.

Navigating Privacy in a Data-Driven World: Treating Privacy as a Human Right, discussed why privacy is a basic human right in a growing technocratic world. Society is at a tipping point due to high-tech drones and biometric clothing. As the world becomes more advanced, society must adjust. Will new legislation really protect citizen privacy?

On the Edge of Something Big: Security’s Next Frontier ML and AI are now woven into security network environments and demonstrating utility in the autonomous cyber security management, saving critical resources and enabling focus on strategic concerns.

Collaborating to Improve Open Source Security: How the Ecosystem Is Stepping Up A useful open source security discussion on the efforts across industry and open source communities which covered projects such as the software bill of materials, and shared best practices for consumers and software vendors.

Look forward to seeing you at RSA 2021

By Chris Crowther, CIO Spectra Analytics